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Nicole Alger


Nicole Alger is a classically trained realist painter living in New York City. After focusing on the traditional genres of still life, portraiture and landscapes for several years, the majority of which was commissioned and sold privately, Alger has shifted in recent years to more imaginative, narrative work.

Nicole Alger

Inspired stylistically by artists such as Degas and Klimt, along with countless European masters from the Renaissance to the present day, Alger is philosophically influenced by animism, mythology of many traditions, and human ideals that have formulated over millennia.

Currently, Alger’s work is showing in group juried shows as she incorporates more imaginative figurative work into her repertoire. Among others, her work is owned by a variety of folk ranging from the American Arbitration Association, Naropa University, Fareed Zakaria, and Ashely Judd. Additionally, she was hired to paint portraits for the Warner Bros. movie, ‘Practical Magic’.

She continues to accept commissions for portraiture and landscapes, including architecture.


The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

Studio Cecil Graves, Florence, Italy

The International School of Art, Todi, Italy

L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, France

Duke University, Durham, NC

Galleries Shown:

Galleria dell’Imagine, Florence, Italy

Artplace Gallery, N.Y.C., NY

Terry McManus Gallery, Raleigh, NC

Lyons-Wier Ginsberg Gallery, Chicago, IL

Italia Cultural Institute, San Francisco, CA

C. Duncan Connelly Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Appleton Museum of Fine Art, Ocala, FL

The Portrait Institute, N.Y.C., NY

Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY

Century Gallery, Alexandria, VA


First Prize at Ninth Annual Competition of Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, and Poetry, Florence, Italy

First Place, Painting, Art for Art’s Sake show, Florence, Italy

First Honorable Mention, The National Portrait Exhibition, The Portrait Institute, N.Y.C., NY


Two portraits in the Warner Bros. movie, ‘Practical Magic’

Three portraits for The American Arbitration Assoc. of NY

One painting in Architectural Digest, ‘Dramatic Gesture above the City’, March 2008

One painting in American Artist, ‘The National Portrait Exhibition’, 1996